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Will Antonio Brown Ever Play in the NFL Again?

A couple of years ago Antonio Brown was seen as the de facto number 1 wide receiver in the NFL. After a chaotic year for Antonio Brown, no one has signed him yet. This is no surprise to some people but I always thought that he would be signed somewhere […]

Henry Ruggs disappointed!

First of all, I will say running a 4.28 40 yard dash is incredible and I could never get close to that. But with all the hype around Ruggs, that time seems disappointing. John Ross didn’t have a ton of hype around him and then the NFL clearly faked the […]

Wow the Raiders suck!

Jon Gruden has played the biggest prank on NFL fans this week. Gruden won a couple of games with the Raiders and everyone started to get excited about them. I saw right through this. The Raiders are a very bad football team and there can be no arguing this. Jon […]