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Why Do NFL teams pay their Running Backs?

Over the last couple of years, running backs started to get paid more and more. A couple of them held out and others just straight up got paid. Once these running backs have gotten paid there production has significantly dropped off. Some blame this on injuries but even the guys […]

Are the Panthers any good?

The Carolina Panthers have been in the news constantly this offseason for both good and bad reasons. This continued again today when they cut Cam Newton and then signed Robby Anderson. People are now hyping this team up as a legit contender but I think they forgot what happened to […]

The Bucs still suck!

Tom Brady surprised many people by signing with the Bucs. The Bucs have been bad for a little while now. Last year they showed promise at times but they overall didn’t look great. Everyone blames Jamies for why they were bad. While he was a big reason why since he […]