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Is Dave Gettleman smart for once?

Dave Gettleman has been an absolute idiot the whole time he has been the general manager of the Giants. He is very good at overpaying for guys that aren’t good. Today he came out and said that the Giants are open to trading the 4th overall pick. I think this […]

Bradley Beal Needs Help!

The Wizards are embarrassing themselves right now. Bradley Beal has scored over 50 points in back to back games and they lost both of them. The Wizards have failed to add any talent besides Beal and Wall for many years now. They have failed on many draft picks and seem […]

Can the 76ers win a championship?

The 76ers were a couple of bounces away from making the Eastern Conference finals last year. This team looked like a legit title contender and most people thought they would be in title contention for many years to come. This year has not followed that pattern. Right now they sit […]

Zion is back!

Channeling his inner Shaq, Zion just obliterated this rim in the rising stars game tonight. We all kind of forgot how good Zion is. He missed most of this first half of the season and people did forget how explosive he was. If you can break a rim with a […]

I feel bad for Bradley Beal

The All-Star game is this weekend and again the best players will not be represented in the game this weekend. Bradley Beal will not be there. It would not be a big deal if everyone else easily deserved to be there but they don’t. Bradley Beal is having the best […]