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Are the 49ers as good as their record?

As week 4 in the NFL season comes to an end the 49ers are one of three teams in the NFL who remain undefeated. They are the only NFC team too who is undefeated. People have attacked them for having an easy schedule but I think that this team is […]

Is this the end of Cam Newton?

I have been very critical of the Panthers this season. Mostly I have thought that Cam Newton has been disappointing. He missed last weeks game and the Panthers got their first win of the season. They played an okay Cardinals team they probably should have beat, but a win is […]

I predicted the future!

About a week and a half ago I warned everyone about how the Titans were not good. They beat another bad team in the Browns. People started thinking this was going to be the Titans year. After their last two games, it is easy to say that I was right. […]