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Is Russell Wilson stupid?

This whole rumor is the dumbest thing ever. Russell Wilson has no chance of being traded. The Seahawks would realistically need like 4 first-round picks to even start negotiations with a team. I don’t see any team doing that. Also, Russell Wilson might have the worst list I have ever […]

I was wrong about the Bucs….

Last NFL offseason I was very adamant that the Bucs were still not a good team despite signing Tom Brady. I will always be the first person to admit I was wrong. I thought this whole season that they could never beat the great teams of the NFL. While I […]

What are the chargers doing?

This is one of the more interesting times of the year because we see which teams are smart and what teams clearly have no clue what they are doing when choosing which coaches they interview and then eventually hire. The Chargers are easily one of the most desirable destinations for […]

Why are the Jaguars so dumb!!!

I’m in complete shock this morning to see that the Jacksonville Jaguars just said fuck it and got rid of Leonard Fournette. It just doesn’t make sense. He is still a good player and for some reason, everyone has this idea that he is no good anymore. He had arguably […]

Are the Buccaneers overrated?

The Buccaneers have had the most eventful offseason out of any NFL team. They signed Tom Brady and got Gronk out of retirement. During last week’s draft, they got Tristan Wirfs an offensive tackle. People are now calling this team super bowl contenders. I understand this based on how good […]

The Seahawks have a major problem!

After last week’s draft people are giving out grades for teams which is not very valuable since none of these guys have played a snap in the NFL yet. I kept seeing people give the Seahawks bad grades and especially their first-round pick Jordyn Brooks. I kept seeing people say […]

I’m so sorry Giants fans!!

The NFL draft is about a month away and the New York Giants hold the 4th pick. Dave Gettleman their general manager is really good a building a football team that makes no sense. Today Mekhi Becton one of the top offensive tackle prospects in the draft released this video. […]