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I figured out what Belichick’s plan is!

Bill Belichick has dominated the NFL for many years now. With Tom Brady leaving the Patriots all everyone wants to talk about how the Patriots dynasty is over and that the Patriots suck now. What people fail to notice is that Belichick always has a plan and I think I […]

The Bucs still suck!

Tom Brady surprised many people by signing with the Bucs. The Bucs have been bad for a little while now. Last year they showed promise at times but they overall didn’t look great. Everyone blames Jamies for why they were bad. While he was a big reason why since he […]

Henry Ruggs disappointed!

First of all, I will say running a 4.28 40 yard dash is incredible and I could never get close to that. But with all the hype around Ruggs, that time seems disappointing. John Ross didn’t have a ton of hype around him and then the NFL clearly faked the […]

Bradley Beal Needs Help!

The Wizards are embarrassing themselves right now. Bradley Beal has scored over 50 points in back to back games and they lost both of them. The Wizards have failed to add any talent besides Beal and Wall for many years now. They have failed on many draft picks and seem […]

Can the 76ers win a championship?

The 76ers were a couple of bounces away from making the Eastern Conference finals last year. This team looked like a legit title contender and most people thought they would be in title contention for many years to come. This year has not followed that pattern. Right now they sit […]

Zion is back!

Channeling his inner Shaq, Zion just obliterated this rim in the rising stars game tonight. We all kind of forgot how good Zion is. He missed most of this first half of the season and people did forget how explosive he was. If you can break a rim with a […]