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Is Russell Wilson stupid?

This whole rumor is the dumbest thing ever. Russell Wilson has no chance of being traded. The Seahawks would realistically need like 4 first-round picks to even start negotiations with a team. I don’t see any team doing that. Also, Russell Wilson might have the worst list I have ever seen someone put together of teams they would like to be traded to. The Saints are so screwed by the salary cap and big contracts if they made this trade Russell Wilson might be the only player on the team. Both the Cowboys and Raiders are what I consider poverty franchises. This is where their fans are delusional and think they are going to win the super bowl every year despite being a horrible team. I can’t remember a time recently where I genuinely thought the Raiders or the Cowboys could win a playoff game. If Russell Wilson does get traded to either of these teams they will ruin him. Both of these teams are good at disappointing their fans and honestly, Russell Wilson has gotten pretty good at disappointing Seahawk fans in recent years so he might end up fitting fairly well with these teams. Finally, there are the Bears. I am not a Bears fan but I always hope they do well because their fans are always miserable and they admit they are bad. Unfortunately, I feel like if Russell Wilson were to get traded to the Bears something would go wrong. Nothing ever goes right for the Bears so with their luck they would give up four first-round picks and Russell Wilson would have a career-ending injury day one of practice. I’m surprised that teams like the Broncos or Steelers aren’t on this list. Both of these teams have at least shown some promise in their future and I think would be very willing to give up a ton of draft capital for Russel Wilson. Overall Russell Wilson is going anywhere but hearing that he would want to play for the Raiders, Cowboys, Saints or Bears confused me.

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