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Notre Dame Football does not want fans!

Just weeks ago EA sports announced they were bringing back the best sports video game franchise of all time, NCAA Football. I have never seen so many people excited about a sports video game announcement. Unfortunately, Notre Dame could not wait to ruin the excitement. I understand there is this huge movement for college athletes to be paid and I am all for it but Notre Dame is now putting the NCAA Football video game at risk which is crossing a line. Notre Dame has now opened the door for lots of other programs to follow this trend and by the time this game comes out, it’s just going to be the MAC who will have teams in this game. The fact that Notre Dame is the one to come out and say they won’t be a part of this project is unbelievable. They have been such a disappointment for the last couple of years that if any team needs to be in this game it might be them. They aren’t winning the college football playoff anytime soon so they at least need to give their fans an option to win the college football playoff virtually. I would say this will curse Notre Dame football but they already feel like they are cursed that I guess it can’ get much worse than it has been. Let me just quickly add that if Notre Dame fans think they have been successful by making the playoff every year and losing by 50 then they are just delusional. Notre Dame is one of those teams you know will lose any game against real competition. (shut up about the Clemson win the best player in the country was out) In a perfect world, the college athletes’ pay issue will be resolved by the time this game comes out in like 3 years. If not I hope Notre Dame realizes that they are being absolute buzzkills and they decide to be in the game.

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