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I was wrong about the Bucs….

Last NFL offseason I was very adamant that the Bucs were still not a good team despite signing Tom Brady. I will always be the first person to admit I was wrong. I thought this whole season that they could never beat the great teams of the NFL. While I was right about that for most of the season the Bucs proved me wrong when it mattered the most. They beat a very good Packers team this weekend and Tom Brady is back going to the super bowl. I understand it felt like the Packers wanted to lose the game due to their coaching and other mistakes by players. But the Bucs finally earned my respect as a good football team and they are well deserving of making the super bowl this year.

Now that I have gotten my somewhat apology over let me make one thing clear. The Kansas City Chiefs are going to win this super bowl with ease. This game is a lot like the National Championship game this year. The cool guy pick will be to ride with the Bucs just like a bunch of people did with Ohio State but when it comes down to it there is one team that is far superior and just like Alabama was superior the Chiefs are a much better team. This will be one of those games you will want to overthink and pick the Bucs but at the end of the day, the Chiefs are an unfair team and will sadly become the new Patriots of the NFL for the next 10-15 years.

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