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What are the chargers doing?

This is one of the more interesting times of the year because we see which teams are smart and what teams clearly have no clue what they are doing when choosing which coaches they interview and then eventually hire. The Chargers are easily one of the most desirable destinations for new head coaches this year with all of the talented players they have. You would think that a lot of the top head coach candidates would want to get this job. So why would the Chargers like to interview Jason Garrett? I said for years that if he wasn’t such a yes-man to Jerry Jones he would have been fired after a couple of seasons because he and his teams consistently underperformed and disappointed cowboys fans. He never showed anything that made you say that he was the guy you wanted to lead your football team. Some guys are just good coordinators and I think he is one of them. I don’t think he is a good head coach but I think when it comes to being an offensive coordinator he has a place in the NFL.

The Chargers really need to focus this offseason and get a good coach because that is pretty much the last piece of the puzzle for the Chargers to be a good team. Anthony Lynn consistently made errors coaching wise that put the Chargers in losing situations. More times than not over his four years with the Chargers Anthony Lynn and his coaching staff were to blame for a loss instead of the performance of players. The Chargers don’t need some offensive genius head coach that everyone suddenly wants now in the NFL. While they might want that kind of person as an offensive coordinator or QB coach to help Justin Herbert, they should really be looking for a good leader and game manager head coach. I think coaches like Marvin Lewis, Pat Fitzgerald, or Robert Saleh fits this team the best. I think the Chargers should prioritize prior head coaching experience which is why Marvin Lewis is the best fit for me. Pat Fitzgerald is also a great leader and is not my top option only because he seems as if he does not want to leave Northwestern. Finally, Robert Saleh is a great defensive-minded coach but I am not 100% convinced he will be a great head coach in the NFL. I think he will only be successful if he can surround himself with the right people while I think the other two coaches I mentioned can do a lot more without other great coaches around them. The Chargers have a bright future and could be a very dangerous team for the next 5-10 years with Justin Herbert but without a good coach it will be tough to find any success in the NFL.

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