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The Eagles made the right move by absolutely giving up and screwing over the Giants

The NFC East has been so shit all year and the way the Eagles just gave up on national TV last night was the perfect way to end the season. Giants fans and players were all over social media crying about the Eagles giving up which was the best part about this.

I don’t understand why fans of teams in the NFC East have such high expectations for their teams each year and yet all of their teams are horrible. I’m sorry but none of these NFC East teams were going to do anything serious in the playoffs. I loved how people were seriously believing that the 6-10 giants were about to go on a run. They are 6-10 because they are not a good football team. You can’t cry that you team missed the playoffs due to another team not winning a game when your team couldn’t win games themselves for most of the season. Giants fans had to understand something bad was going to happen to them. Somethings bad always is happening to the Giants and they had been having such good luck recently they must have known something like this was coming.

I do have a small problem with the Eagles and it is with their brain dead coach Doug Pederson. He clearly was trying to lose the game. To come out and say they were trying to win the game and that it was the right choice to put in Nate Sudfeld is insane. I have never seen a bigger attempt to tank. The Eagles were in a one score game and they benched their quarterback who is playing okay and put in possibly the worst quarterback the NFL has ever seen. We should all take a moment to praise Nate Sudfeld because he has finessed the Eagles for 4 years now and has convinced them that he knows what football is because after seeing him play last night I don’t think he evens knows what position he plays.

There wasn’t a better way for this NFL season to end. The NFC East had possibly the worst season a division has ever had in the NFL. We have seen like 20 different QBs play in the NFC East this year and little did we know the Eagles saved the best one for the end. I hope the Eagles hold on to Doug Pederson because he rivals Adam Gase on stupidity levels. I am sad that I will have to wait for a while to see weekly fuck ups from the NFC East but I still have the Washington Football Team to screw something up next week so I am okay for now.

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