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Josh Jacobs is just another example of why the Raiders have big changes to make

The Raiders season hasn’t been over for 24 hours yet and they are already back in the news and it is not for a good thing. Josh Jacobs is one of the Raider’s best players and he could not have gotten in trouble quicker this offseason. A DUI is a horrible look especially when you were playing in an NFL football game less than 12 hours prior. It seems to me that since Gruden was hired there has been no sense of a culture that you would want to be around or even any true leaders. Antonio Brown was a mess but I don’t fault the Raiders for that. I would say that Rodney Hudson is a good leader but he and the rest of the offensive line openly violated covid protocols which send a great message to the team. Gruden brought in Richie Incognito who brings a great past of bullying teammates which in no way helps the Raiders. Derrick Carr may try to be a great leader but how long can you lead a team as an underperforming quarterback. I will give the Raider’s credit saying that Jason Witten is a great guy but he is likely gone after this season and he seems to have fixed nothing. What I am trying to say with all of this is that I think the Raiders have some very young and talented players on their roster and Jacobs is one of them. When these young guys like Jacobs start getting DUIs clearly you want to look to the leaders of this team and you will see that a lot of them have problems themselves. I think that Gruden needs to take a step back from football and look at the mess going on in his locker room. You can’t be in some sort of rebuild mode and trying to bring in a ton of young players and then putting them with questionable role models. Also now that they are in Las Vegas it makes things ten times worse because very few good things happen to guys fresh out of college with a sudden increase in money who are given a lot of free time in Las Vegas. It will be interesting how the Raiders handle this situation and what kind of moves they make this offseason. Bringing talent to a team is often not an overnight change but bringing leaders and role models to a team is and I think that should be a focus of the Raiders this upcoming offseason.

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