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The Seahawks have a major problem!

After last week’s draft people are giving out grades for teams which is not very valuable since none of these guys have played a snap in the NFL yet. I kept seeing people give the Seahawks bad grades and especially their first-round pick Jordyn Brooks. I kept seeing people say this was a D or F. I did some research into this year’s draft and was pretty familiar with the top 50 guys but I had never seen much about Jordyn Brooks. He might be a good football player but this pick led me to find a major problem with the Seahawks. The Seahawks are horrible when it comes to drafting in the first round. What is even weirder is that they are good at drafting when it comes to rounds 2-7. They somehow pick busts in the first round and then get two or three good steals later in the draft. The last decent first-round pick they made was back in 2012 with Bruce Irvin. Granted they didn’t have a first-round pick many of those years. But they should learn from this. You can get tons of value for a first-round pick. Especially for the Seahawks who draft towards the end of the first round. The Patriots got a 2nd and 3rd round pick for their late 1st rounder this year. The Seahawks should just trade their first-round picks. It sounds crazy but the Seahawks draft their guys. But often their guys are reaches in the first round. Russell Wilson is only getting older and last season it felt like he was winning games with a bunch of no-names. Instead of picking busts each year. The Seahawks would benefit from trading back and getting to a spot where they have had success. Or give their first-rounders up for proven NFL players. One example would be giving up next year’s first for Yannick Ngakoue. He has proven himself on the Jaguars and is still only 25. The Seahawks have a massive need for an edge defender and their first-round pick seems to be less valuable due to their history picking in the first round. The NFC West is a tough division. The 49ers went to a super bowl last year and the Rams went the year before. The Cardinals are rapidly getting better. The Seahawks can’t keep reaching and missing on first-round picks. I know it seems like a stretch but if the Rams get back to their 2018 form, the 49ers play like last year and the Cardinals put everything together with their young core the Seahawks could be looking at finishing last in the division. I don’t see this happening but the Seahawks aren’t drastically improving their team like their competitors are which make s it hard to think they will still be a the top.

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