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Are the Buccaneers overrated?

The Buccaneers have had the most eventful offseason out of any NFL team. They signed Tom Brady and got Gronk out of retirement. During last week’s draft, they got Tristan Wirfs an offensive tackle. People are now calling this team super bowl contenders. I understand this based on how good this offense is, but nobody seems to think about their defense. They had a horrible defense last year. The one good player they had Shaquil Barrett wasn’t even that good. Everyone talks about how he had 19.5 sacks last season. But they don’t mention how he has done nothing else before this season. I’m not sure you can go into next season saying he is your guy on the edge. We saw the 49ers last year use their D-line to dominate teams. This made their weaker secondary look better than they were. The Buccaneers have ignored their D-line and keep drafting guys for their secondary. This has not worked for them the last couple years and it makes no sense why they would keep doing it. Other teams have had success in building their D-line and the Buccaneers for some reason think their method will eventually work. I have a hard time believing that Tom Brady has the juice in him to get in shootouts with other teams this year. The Buccaneers went all-in on Tom Brady this year but when you look at the great Patriot teams they always had a good defense. Especially now that Tom can not single-handedly win games. It showed last year when he could win with one of the best defenses in the league. I have a hard time believing that his defense can get worse and he will somehow be better. I understand that his offense in Tampa is 100 times better than his offense last year in New England but I don’t know if that makes up enough for the lack of defense this team has.

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