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I’m so sorry Giants fans!!

The NFL draft is about a month away and the New York Giants hold the 4th pick. Dave Gettleman their general manager is really good a building a football team that makes no sense. Today Mekhi Becton one of the top offensive tackle prospects in the draft released this video. I’m not sure Gettleman watches actual game film. This video is more of the kind of stuff he watches and then drafts guys based on. Mekhi Becton is a good football player but he is not worthy of the 4th pick. This will not stop Gettleman though. Once he falls in love with a player there is no going back. He fell in love with Daniel Jones and took him with the 6th pick last year which was a reach. The worst part about all of this is that Gettleman never needed this video to draft Becton. Becton measures 6’7 and 364 pounds. In other words, this man is massive. Gettleman probably would have just seen this and maybe even traded up for him. Gettleman has made lots of very bad decisions in the draft while in charge of the Giants. While I think Becton has the potential to be good there are a lot of players I would take before him in this year’s draft. All Giant fans can hope for now is for Gettleman to be fired or get corona or else they will have Mekhi Becton starting at tackle for them week one next year.

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