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Will Antonio Brown Ever Play in the NFL Again?

A couple of years ago Antonio Brown was seen as the de facto number 1 wide receiver in the NFL. After a chaotic year for Antonio Brown, no one has signed him yet. This is no surprise to some people but I always thought that he would be signed somewhere pretty quickly. I know there is a lot of time left in this offseason but at this point, it doesn’t look great for Antonio Brown. Teams are using up their cap room and a guy like Antonio Brown will most likely come with a somewhat large price tag. The news came out earlier this offseason that Brady and Brown remained in contact with one another. This surprised many people and people assumed that Antonio Brown would follow Brady wherever he went. Unfortunately, Bruce Arians came out and said that Antonio Brown will not fit on the Bucs. I really think this was his only shot. Realistically Tom Brady is the only man vouching for Antonio Brown. This leaves Antonio Brown with no other options. If you look around the league there are a lot of teams who I think should look at what it will cost them and if is cheap I think he will help some teams out.


The Jets don’t really have a receiver on their team right now that anyone cares about. Crowder has a couple of decent games every year and Perriman their new signing has some breakout potential but overall they got nothing. I think at their spot this year in the draft an offensive lineman will benefit them a ton. By signing AB they could focus on a receiver in the later rounds and fix another major problem in their offensive line first.


Overall the Jags don’t have much going for them. Minshew Mania is an intriguing project but it could just be a cover-up for a tank for Trevor campaign. DJ Chark proved he was legit last year but other than that they have a bunch of receivers who fit in that this could be their year category for the last couple years. Finally, I think that they could use another star at the receiver position if they want this Minshew project to work.


The Texans have successfully done nothing right this offseason. This could be their chance for redemption. There current number 1 receiver Will Fuller lives in a hospital I think. Other than that they have Kenny Stills who is really good at having one monster game at the beginning of each season and then does nothing the rest of the year. Deshaun Watson is an amazing quarterback and is watching the team around him fall apart. Bringing in AB could in some way salvage this offseason.


Aaron Rodgers only has a couple of years left and the team around him is decent. They made it to the NFC Championship last year and maybe could have competed with the 49ers if they had more than one receiver. Devante Adams is good but Devante Adams paired with Antonio Brown is scary. If Green Bay wants one last Super Bowl run with Aaron Rodgers adding AB might be the way.


It’s the Raiders no one understands any part of their thought process.

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