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I figured out what Belichick’s plan is!

Bill Belichick has dominated the NFL for many years now. With Tom Brady leaving the Patriots all everyone wants to talk about how the Patriots dynasty is over and that the Patriots suck now. What people fail to notice is that Belichick always has a plan and I think I have figured it out.

Why would the Patriots choose Brian Hoyer over guys like Jameis Winston or Cam Newton? There has to be a reason for this. Maybe the Patriots don’t want to win next year. Maybe they are tanking on purpose. It is well known that one of the best quarterback prospects in recent memory Trevor Lawrence is going to be in the draft next year. Belichick must know that you are taking a massive gamble by getting Cam or Jameis. Getting Lawrence next year is almost a for a sure future franchise quarterback. I think this is a genius idea. Belichick should use this year like a rebuilding year where he finds a couple of small school products that are actually stars and then he adds Lawrence into the team and they are right back to being the Patriots we all know. The tanking competition will be fun to watch next year. Trevor Lawrence has the ability to be the next great quarterback and teams will lose as many games as they need to get him. So the Patriots will be competing in this upcoming season it will just not be the type of competing Patriot fans are used to.

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