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Are the Panthers any good?

The Carolina Panthers have been in the news constantly this offseason for both good and bad reasons. This continued again today when they cut Cam Newton and then signed Robby Anderson. People are now hyping this team up as a legit contender but I think they forgot what happened to this team at the beginning of this offseason. They fired their head coach which always means there is a problem with the team somewhere. Luke Kuechly one of the best linebackers we have seen in a while retired. They also have a new quarterback and a defense who will have a ton of new starters on it. I am not sure this team will be as good as people are hyping them up to be. After signing Robby Anderson today people are starting to say this could be the best receiving core in the NFL. But they have three receivers in DJ Moore, Robby Anderson, and Curtiss Samuel who are all just okay. None of them are game-changers. They are all solid number 2 receivers and I don’t think they deserve the title as the best group in the league. Also, their defense is incredibly beat up and they have lost a ton of members on it. They are losing 8 starters on their defense from last year. Sure they were a bad defense but whenever you lose 8 starters on one side of the ball you are not going to be good the next year. Everyone is excited about their offense acquisitions but I have yet to hear any positives coming from the defensive side of the ball for the Panthers this offseason. At times you can win a game with a very good offense but the problem is who is in the panther’s division. You cannot have a subpar defense and expect to win your division if you have to play Tom Brady twice a year, Drew Brees twice a year and Matt Ryan twice a year. Their offense is good but not good enough to carry them against some of the best quarterbacks on the NFL. Overall this team has some very good pieces and I think they are in a prime position in 2-3 years when most likely Brady and Brees and even Matt Ryan will be out of the division. I think the should focus on building a great team for the next couple of years and then once all these teams lose their aging quarterbacks it will be time for Teddy Bridgewater to shine.

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