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Why Jadeveon Clowney still unsigned?

There was once a point in time where people wanted to change the three years rule in college football rule so Jadaveon Clowney could be in the NFL sooner. Now about 8 years later he is unsigned and there is not a ton of hype around his name. The few rumors say that he wants 15-20 million a year. I think this is reasonable if you can get him for 15 million. Anything past that I think you are overpaying. Also, I am not giving him more than a one year contract. Jadeveon Clowney has shown numerous times he can be one of the best edge defenders in the NFL. But he has never done this consistently. Mostly this is due to him being constantly injured. I think if a team has the money and is trying to contend next year this is a gamble you should make. Last year with Seattle Clowney dominated in the 49ers game showing how good he can be but then was injured for the rest of the season which led to disappointment. I think that a great situation for him is the colts. They have a ton of cap space and with the signing of Phillip Rivers, they have made it clear they are going all in this year. Clowney would get one year to prove himself like a lot of other guys on this team. The Colts have one or two years before everything gets blown up there. Clowney has the talent and I think that getting him on a one year deal will be a win for any team but if you start giving him multiple years you are only trapping yourselves since Clowney still needs to prove himself that he is a franchise edge.

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