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The Bucs still suck!

Tom Brady surprised many people by signing with the Bucs. The Bucs have been bad for a little while now. Last year they showed promise at times but they overall didn’t look great. Everyone blames Jamies for why they were bad. While he was a big reason why since he threw 30 interceptions, there were many other problems with this team. They still had one of the best scoring offenses in the league last year. Tom Brady can only make this so much better. Where this team struggled was on defense. They didn’t allow a ton of yards but they gave up a ton of points. You can blame some of this on the interceptions thrown by Jamies but some of this is due to them not being able to play good defense. They had an average run defense which you would hope would get better but where they drastically need to improve is their passing defense. They allowed the third-most passing yards a game last season. Tom Brady is not the same Tom Brady we are used to and he can not score 30+ points every week to win you the game. The secondary has to eventually step up. Yet they have yet to address it and now most of the top talent in free agency for the secondary is gone. Sure they can fix this problem in the draft. But, in the last two drafts, they have spent 6 of their 16 picks on players for their secondary. They have tried to fix this problem and they fail time and time again. It doesn’t matter who you have as your quarterback you can’t win games if you can stop the other team. The 49ers had a subpar offense at best last season but were so good at stopping other teams defense they won a ton of games and made things easier for their quarterback. The way the Bucs are set up they are only making things more difficult for Brady. They need to attempt to fix this need quickly while there are a few decent options left in free agency or they will be stuck in the same place as they were last year.

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