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Is it all over for Cam Newton?

I have been very critical of Cam Newton fora little while now. He stopped wanting to be mobile and become a pocket passer which he cannot do. The reason he was so effective was his ability to run around a create. At this point in his career, he is less effective at doing this. Today the Panthers signed Teddy Bridgewater which officially ends the Cam Newton era in Carolina. I am still not convinced if Cam is a legit starting quarterback anymore. He has not shown that he is for the last couple of years. I think he deserves a shot I just don’t know what team will give him that shot. He is still on the Panthers which means a team will have to trade for him which makes him unattractive when there are similar free agents available. I think there are a couple of teams though that should explore bringing in Cam Newton to compete for the starting job.


The Bears have made it clear that they are looking for another quarterback to compete with Trubisky for the starting role next year. I think putting Cam in a situation like this will only help the Bears. Both of these guys will have to elevate their games to win the job and hopefully one of them will get to a level where you can trust them to be your guy going forward. Even if Trubisky wins the starting role out of camp if he doesn’t perform well then the Bears will easily be able to plug in Cam Newton.


I still think the Chargers will get Tom Brady. But if they don’t get Tom Brady getting Cam Newton and then drafting a guy to sit behind him for a year or two is not a bad idea. Cam Newton is a guy that could be plugged right in and if he has the right offense can help a team. The Chargers were hit with a ton of injuries last season and are in really good shape for a bounce-back year. I think that Cam Newton is an upgrade over Phillip Rivers so this team would improve going forward by adding Cam.


It’s almost a 100% guarantee that the Colts will sign Phillip Rivers. But if another team makes a last-minute push the Colts will need a QB. Cam Newton would be a pretty good option. They had a similar guy in Jacoby Brissett there last year who was pretty successful. Cam Newton is an upgrade to him and the team around him will be getting better. I think Phillip Rivers fit more of the win-now mentality in Indianapolis but I would not be surprised if the Colts think Cam Newton put them in a better position.

I think that Cam Newton will still be a starting quarterback at some point next year but for a guy like him it is all about being in the right system and I’m not sure who will be able to put him in a good situation like that.

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