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Henry Ruggs disappointed!

First of all, I will say running a 4.28 40 yard dash is incredible and I could never get close to that. But with all the hype around Ruggs, that time seems disappointing. John Ross didn’t have a ton of hype around him and then the NFL clearly faked the time so he could break the record. This year the NFL and other news outlets would not stop telling you about the possibility of Henry Ruggs breaking the 40-yard dash record. This just felt like a set up where he would run a sub 4.2 40 yard dash. I remember hearing people back in September hyping him up about the possibility of this. I just think that if the NFL should have rigged any 40 yard dash time it should have been Henry Ruggs’. The best part is that the Raiders will see that he ran a 4.28 and will trade up to the first overall pick and take him. I cannot wait for this. He is a very talented football player but we will never hear from him again if the Raiders draft him. So, in conclusion, I have again found a way to turn a random NFL related event into a way to attack the Raiders.

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