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Is Dave Gettleman smart for once?

Dave Gettleman has been an absolute idiot the whole time he has been the general manager of the Giants. He is very good at overpaying for guys that aren’t good. Today he came out and said that the Giants are open to trading the 4th overall pick. I think this is a great idea, but it all could change depending on what they get for it. Most likely a team will be trying to get a quarterback so they can ask for a lot. I think they need at least a team’s first this year and next year. Teams will be desperate enough to get a quarterback who they think is their guy. No one will be there at 4 that is game-changing for the Giants. Chase Young will be gone and they don’t need a quarterback. Any other pick is some sort of a reach. Trading back will only help them and give them more picks in the future. The worst thing the Giants can do is trade back and get a horrible deal. They should only trade back if it is worth it.

I feel bad for Giants fans. Every time this man talks he just comes off as stupid. I am just waiting at this point for him to just give away the 4th pick for free. I hope he keeps getting interviewed this week. He is one of the worst people when it comes to doing interviews ever. His opinions are so wrong that it is ridiculous that people think he is qualified for this job. The Giants constantly have messed up and this makes so much sense that this franchise will be stuck with Dave Gettleman for at least 5 more years.

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