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Bradley Beal Needs Help!

The Wizards are embarrassing themselves right now. Bradley Beal has scored over 50 points in back to back games and they lost both of them. The Wizards have failed to add any talent besides Beal and Wall for many years now. They have failed on many draft picks and seem to be content with being average at best. I get that when John Wall comes back they will be better but this is still the same team as it has been for a while now. They are nowhere near contenders. There is no clear plan for this team. They don’t want to tank but they don’t go all in either. I don’t get these teams. You need to be able to pick one or another and not sit in between. I feel incredibly bad for Bradley Beal. He is having a phenomenal season. Yet this will not be noticed since his team is so bad. The Wizards are 4.5 games out of the playoffs this year. I can 100% guarantee right now that they will make no changes this offseason. They will either barely make the playoffs and lose int he first round or they will just miss out. Then the owners will say they have something they can build off of. This is embarrassing. If they seemed to have a plan of attack I could support the idea of this team but they clearly don’t. I hope for Bradley Beal’s sake they trade him this offseason. He is clearly doing everything he can and they still can’t win. I hope that the Wizards don’t hold on to Beal to make a run for the 5 seed next season. This roster has no talent and the front office shows no desire to add it and when they do they often fail. If Bradley Beal gets traded to a contender next season he will easily be an All-Star and people will consider him a top guard in the NBA. It is crazy to think that an amazing talent like this can waste his career playing for a joke of a franchise and get no recognition.

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