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The NBA did something good?

The NBA makes a lot of stupid decisions. For once though I will give the NBA credit for how they fixed the All-Star game. In the past the All-Star game has been fun to watch for little bit but then it gets boring and nobody wants to watch it by the end. By setting a target score it gave a new exciting feel to the game. I was actually sitting there excited watching the All-Star game. This was a great idea, except they messed up about a thousand other things in the game. For example why did the score reset every quarter. I genuinely thought I had lost it when the second quarter started and the score was back to 0-0. I get the point that all of this ended up being for charity which is great. But trying to figure out what was going on at times was harder than how Kyle Lowry was playing defense in the game.

This leads in to my next complaint. Why are there refs for the All-Star game? I enjoyed the intensity of shooting a ton of free throws at the end of the game to hit 157, but the refs were taking the game way to seriously. The refs were showing off their ability to ref in a game were no one wants to see fouls. I bet there were more fouls called in this game than there will be called in game 1 of the NBA finals this year. The worst call of all was to send Davis to the line to shoot free throws for the win. How do you end a game on a free throw. It exciting sure but in the end it is lame.

Next year I think the only reasonable thing for the NBA to do is to get rid of the refs and Kyle Lowry. But if I had to chose one with out a doubt it would be to get rid of Kyle Lowry.

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