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Zion is back!

Channeling his inner Shaq, Zion just obliterated this rim in the rising stars game tonight. We all kind of forgot how good Zion is. He missed most of this first half of the season and people did forget how explosive he was. If you can break a rim with a dunk you are probably a little overweight but you also are explosive. That is why I am now back and all in on Zion. The Zion bandwagon fell apart when he got injured. It is starting to get going again and I am trying to hop on this real quick before it takes off. I know it is too late but a surprise appearance of Zion in the dunk contest tomorrow night would be electric. The dunk contest will probably be mediocre but I Zion came out and just took down a hoop I would consider this the best dunk contest of all time. I think the idea that Zion is not in the dunk contest is a huge problem. No one is watching the dunk contest for Pat Connaughton. Everyone would watch if Zion was there just taking down hoops with him. This is my official announcement to be part of the Zion bandwagon. I will be there as he continues to take down rims all around the league.

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