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I feel bad for Bradley Beal

The All-Star game is this weekend and again the best players will not be represented in the game this weekend. Bradley Beal will not be there. It would not be a big deal if everyone else easily deserved to be there but they don’t. Bradley Beal is having the best season of his career. He has made the All-Star games the past two years. It makes no sense that he can have an even better year but he doesn’t make it. Instead, you have guys like Kyle Lowry that are making it. I think Kyle Lowry is a good basketball player. But he is no All-Star. His numbers are nowhere near Bradley Beals and other guys too. The dumbest argument I see in favor of Kyle Lowry he does stuff that doesn’t show up on in the box score. While that is great why would anyone want to watch him play like that in the All-Star game? I am 100% sure not one person is watching the game for Kyle Lowry. He brings nothing exciting to the game. Sure he is a bigger name player than Bradley Beal but I think you would find more Wizards fans that would support their guy than Raptors fans supporting Lowry. The Raptors already have their guy in Siakam in the All-Star Game. The way Kyle Lowry plays basketball is the complete opposite way than what people want to see in the All-Star game. He never makes highlight plays and he can’t shoot very well. He has been an All-Star for six straight years now and he probably deserved to be an All-Star for 2 maybe 3 of those years. Even when he deserves it he still brings nothing to the game. At least Bradley Beal can make highlight plays. I know that this can’t be switched but I hope the NBA recognizes that fewer and fewer people are watching their All-Star Game and that they should prioritize highlight plays, over guys who play with a big heart?

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