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Lakers fans are starting to get scared!

The trade deadline passed last week and the Los Angeles Lakers made a total of ZERO moves. I love how the fans reactions can change so quickly. They went from thinking that maybe a D. Rose trade could happen. Then when that feel apart the fan base wanted Marcus Morris, but the Clippers beat them out for him. Now I saw Laker fans upset when Darren Collison would not come out of retirement and play for them. This has to be the worst overreaction of all time. Daren Collison has been average his whole career. There is no shot he would come out of retirement and help this team. Lakers fans need to realize that their team is not as good as they think it is. They started off the season really hot but they are starting to cool down. They barely beat the Warriors the other night and they recently lost to the Rockets who don’t have a big man. I get small ball may be a new and exciting trend but any semi decent team could figure out a way to outsize them. This Lakers team is slowly not playing as well. They are still winning games and are first in the west still but when you watch them play something feels off. There is no one who is a free agent or is going to be bought out that will help this team. It’s almost like they played way better than they actually are. They should have gotten rid of Kuzma since he looks clueless on the court. That possibility is gone now so they must learn to work with what they have. I think the best option is to look back at what they were doing at the beginning of the season and focus on recreating that. I watch this team now and something feels off. I get it is tough to focus in this part of the season when no end is in sight but something needs to click soon. They failed to make necessary additions so the opinion in the Lakers organization must be they have the players they need to win. Now it is up to them to try and make the right changes and begin to win again.

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