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The Browns could be making a huge mistake

Before the 49ers kickoff today the rumors of the 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh becoming the Browns next head coach is heating up. I think Saleh could be a great head coach in the NFL. I just don’t think he is the right guy for the Browns. The Browns have a very exciting roster that if everything clicked they could do great things. I think they need to hire an offensive genius. Saleh will bring great defensive ideas with him but will not contribute much to your offense. If I were in charge of the Browns I would be throwing out as much money as possible at Josh McDaniels. He has been the Patriots offensive coordinator for many years and has proved that he is a very smart offensive mind. I think a major problem for the Browns this year was that people forgot that this was still only Baker Mayfield’s second year in the NFL. It takes a lot of quarterbacks a couple of years to get comfortable and prove their worth in the NFL. I think too many people felt he had to have an MVP like season this year. While that would be great those expectations were clearly too much. The other problem was that they had a new coach who clearly was not the right guy. The Browns have done a great job taking their time hiring a coach this year. But I think it will all be a failure if it ends with them hiring Saleh. This is a team that needs someone to help develop Baker and fix the Odell and Landry situation on offense. They have a lot of great weapons on offense and are a good offensive line away from doing big things. I think they could be a real threat next year with any proven offensive coordinator they hire but if they go in another direction that is where I think they will end up in the same situation where they are seen as disappointments.

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