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Why do Thunder fans like Westbrook?

Am I the only one confused by this. Why do OKC fans like Russel Westbrook? He openly wanted to get away from the team and then got a standing ovation when he returned. All he did for years was pad his stats and got the most undeserved MVP I have seen in a while. The only reason he won the MVP was that he averaged a triple-double. Then he averaged a triple-double for the next two seasons after that and people realized how meaningless it was so he never got any votes those years. He is incredibly overrated and has proven he can not be the number one guy on a team. He was carried by Kevin Durant, Paul George and now James Harden his whole career. But for some reason, OKC fans are oblivious to this.

I have almost exploded hearing the fans chanted MVP. these are the same fans that had the worst display of trash talk when they dressed up as cupcakes when Durant returned to OKC.

I feel bad for OKC fans. It feels like the majority of them are stupid. I know there are some OKC fans with brain cells but you would never know they exist. This team should move back to Seattle who wants a basketball team and can understand that someone who openly wants to leave a team should not get MVP chants. I think the main reason this looks so bad is because of how poorly they reacted to Durant retuning. But I guess they continued to act like idiots when Westbrook returned so they get some points for consistency. It’s just crazy to think that OKC can be happy for a guy that never really helped their team win for the last 10 years.

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