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John Beilein is trying to escape Cleveland

We all know that nothing good ever happens with Cleveland sports teams. This is just the latest story of how everything goes wrong in Cleveland. John Beilein has struggled in his first season as the Cavs head coach. He was brought into a terrible situation. I hate how when coaches are brought into horrible situations get blamed for losing when there is no possible way any coach could have won with the team they have. The only reason the Cavs have been relevant in the last two decades is that they had Lebron. Besides this, the Cavs have been horrible. I think Beilein has realized his mistake leaving a great situation at Michigan and going to the NBA. I think he said this on purpose.

His response is a joke. There is no way he says thugs on accident. Even if he did he is stupid for not realizing that his players probably looked shocked when he said this and he didn’t notice. I think there is a clear explanation for what has happened here. Beilein just threw this out there to see if he could maybe get fired. He got a 5 year contract this year so he can get fired now and sit back and get paid doing nothing for 5 years. Even if he doesn’t get fired he is trying to go down that path. I would not be surprised if he does a couple other things like this throughout the year.

When reading the article it talks about how he has struggled to make good relationships with his players especially Kevin Love. Knowing how dramatic Kevin Love is I am now waiting for a full statement from Kevin Love about how this statement personally affected him. Kevin Love also doesn’t give a shit about the Cavs so I think at this point he try to make this seem like an attack on him to try to get traded.

I hope Cleveland sport continue to fuck things up. The Cavs and the Browns have taken on this responsibility to screw things up. When the Cavs were good something always felt off. Beilein is one of my favorite coaches now though since he is giving up too. GO CAVS!

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