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I have found the biggest problem with the NBA!

About this time of year, the NBA begins to reach a midseason part where news isn’t always there. The trade deadline is about 2 months away so rumors are starting. This is normal when someone like Woj says that a player is unhappy or a team is listening to offers on someone. Where things get bad is when believe they are general managers and they begin to create their own trade packages for players. Bleacher Report is notorious for doing this and showing it takes no skill to write for Bleacher report. I can go more in-depth on this another day but I want to focus on the twitter side of things today. I woke up today and saw this tweet.

This tweet made me lose brain cells. I have said this before and I will say it again, Lakers fans are some of the most annoying fans in sports. They haven’t made the playoffs since 2013 but the way Laker fans talk about their team you would think they are winning championships every year. They are finally having a good year and it has gotten bad. News broke that Kuzma may be traded and Lakers suddenly think that they should get an elite package for him. I understand that Kuzma is good and that a deal with Bogdanovic and some other smaller pieces makes sense. But @goldlakerss who is easily qualified as a General Manager in the NBA is thinking De’Aaron Fox. I want to make sure people realize how this makes no sense. Kuzma is having a career bad year dealing with injuries and he doesn’t start on the lakers. De’Aaron Fox has also been injured but he is having a way better year and is just overall the better player. I would not want Kuzma on my team right now but for the price of Bogdanovic the trade makes sense. From what I have seen Lakers fans all over think these trades are reasonable and they all start spreading these trade. As Kuzma does not get traded the deals people come up with will get worse. In about a month people with be trying to get The whole Kings starting roster for Kuzma. Kuzma would not have the same exposure if he was located outside of Los Angeles. He is an average starter in the NBA and no team should give up a future star like De’Aaron Fox to get a worse player in Kuzma.

Today marks my journey to find and expose the horrible trades fan General Managers come up with and share with the world and explain why trading three bench players for an all-star makes sense. I am determined to find the worst trades possible.

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