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Is Jameis Winston the future for the Buccaneers?

Jameis Winston seems to have everyone puzzled whether he is good or not. I am here today to tell you the truth. Jameis Winston has always been a victim of heavy criticism. A lot of times this is valid criticism but I think recently some of the criticism is too much. His contract is coming up which has led to many debates about whether he will get resigned. I think he will and should be resigned by the Buccaneers. His talent is very inconsistent. At times he looks like a very promising player but other times he looks like he should be benched immediately. This season he finally started to show real signs of his excellence but it still is overshadowed by the numerous horrendous performances. This Buccaneers team has surprised many people this season and even has a chance to finish a 500 with a win in their final game this weekend. When a team has a quarterback it is a massive decision to move on from them. Especially Jameis in this case since he was the first pick of the draft a few years back. To let him just leave your team is a tough decision to live with. That is why the Buccaneers need to hold on to him. They have said they plan to but until the contract is signed you never know what will happen. Surprisingly the Buccaneers could be the favorites in the division next year. Both the Falcons and the Panthers are in the middle of complete chaos with planning their futures. The Saints are waiting for Drew Brees to retire at any time. No one knows when Drew Brees will retire and if he does after this season this makes the Buccaneers the most stable team in this division. By holding onto Jameis Winston the Buccaneers ensure they have someone who they feel they can depend on. If they choose to move forward with another quarterback they don’t have any idea what will happen. While Jameis is not the typical guy you want leading your team the situation is great for him. Bruce Arians has only been the coach for a year now and Jameis has shown massive improvements. With a couple more seasons with Arians as his coach who knows how far Jameis can get. This division is a mess right now and Drew Brees is going to leave in a year or two which will leave the NFC south wide open. By the time Brees is gone Jameis will finally be ready to shine. Jameis is someone who the Buccaneers need to resign this offseason. These next few years are crucial for Jameis to prove he belongs in the NFL as a starting quarterback.

PS: Hey Buccaneers please get this man a better defense because you guys could be getting near playoffs if you could stop the pass just a little bit.

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