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Being the coach of the Cowboys must suck!

The Cowboys are on one of the most well known NFL teams around the world. Despite them being so popular coaching them has to be the worst job ever. I often complain about how certain fans have brainless expectations for their teams. Cowboy fans take this to a whole other level. Their fans think they will never lose a game. Every year they have a couple of fans getting tattoos of them saying they will win the upcoming super bowl. This franchise has done nothing in the last twenty years. For a team that has been constantly disappointing their expectations make no sense. Jason Garrett their coach is one of the worst coaches in the NFL. He should have been fired years ago. The only reason he is still there is the fact that he is so clueless that he has no problem dealing with Jerry Jones. If Garrett has any sort of ability to not be a yes man, then he would have been gone years ago. Jerry Jones has blamed everything on him for years and Garrett just takes it. The problem with the Cowboys is that any coach that will benefit them that they can hire will never want to deal with Jerry Jones. They will only suffer from bad coaches as long as Jerry Jones is causing problems there. People keep saying that this is the season Jason Garrett gets fired and to be honest I don’t think he will get fired. They will probably make the playoffs with an 8-8 record and that will save his job. He will do nothing in the playoffs but that won’t matter. Jerry Jones has built a pretty decent team in Dallas. At this point, he knows that he will not find a coach that will take the abuse that Garrett takes. He has tried to build a great team but Jason Garrett has found a way to destroy this team and their ability to look like an NFL team. At this point finding a new coach is the only possibility for Cowboy fans to see their lofty expectations become true. I have advice for Jerry Jones though. He should hire a great head coach and take a back seat for a while. If he does this I think they will see more winning in their future but if he doesn’t the Cowboys will continue to be the definition of a disappointment to everyone.

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