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Wow the Raiders suck!

Jon Gruden has played the biggest prank on NFL fans this week. Gruden won a couple of games with the Raiders and everyone started to get excited about them. I saw right through this. The Raiders are a very bad football team and there can be no arguing this. Jon Gruden is given so much praise for his coaching ability but I can’t name one good decision he has made with the Raiders. Not one player he has brought in at the price it took was worth it. The only stretch is Josh Jacobs but for the amount he has been used this season his stats should look the way they are or there would be a problem. Jon Gruden only creates more problems. He constantly has to prove that he is the manliest guy on the team. Three guys have tried to stand up to that and all three of them are not on the team anymore. Khalil Mack, Amari Cooper, and Antonio Brown all question him. These are by far the three most talented player Gruden has had on the Raiders team and he just trades them away for picks or cuts them. While trading them away for picks isn’t a bad idea it is just how bad the Raiders are at drafting. For example, the Clelin Ferrell pick made zero sense. There were much better edge players on the board and even that he was not that good of a player anyways. The next guy pick Josh Allen who everyone knew was the better player is better than Ferrell in pretty much every stat category this year. Mike Mayock gets all the blame for moves like this which is the worst part. We all know he does nothing and is just a yes man to Gruden. They went to New York this past weekend getting playoff hype and got SMOKED by the Jets. I don’t care how good the Jets may be playing lately when any team loses that bad they suck. I have said this before and I will repeat myself one more time. The Raiders are not a playoff team and for the for seeable future, they will not be. They only beat horrible teams and the moment they play a semi-decent team that has some knowledge of playing football they win. The Raiders barely beat a historically bad Bengals team the week before. They are not good and I am tired of the constant buzz around them when they win one game and people think that means something. Look at their record and name playoff team they have beat. The only one close is the Colts but they are overrated too so I don’t see that as a good win. I just want to leave this on a brighter note with some raiders highlights from last week’s game.

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