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The NFL is a bunch of pussies for suspending Myles Garrett

Myles Garrett got suspended indefinitely for his fight during Thursday Night Football this past week. The NFL to most people is a physical and brutal sport but it seems the NFL is always trying to get away from this label. I have never once heard someone say the NFL is to physical. The game involves running after someone with a ball and throwing them to the ground. Myles Garrett got a little frustrated and maybe took things a little too far. He took off Mason Rudolph’s helmet and hit him with it.

big fight I am ready to watch those sports. The facts that these big fights can break out is exciting. The NFL only has occasional punches thrown but they mean nothing because everyone has helmets on. Seeing guys being thrown and dog piles of everyone is only going to help your sport. No one saw this fight and said they refused to watch football anymore. Everyone thought that they wished this happened more. I understand that maybe these fights should not be hitting guys with helmets but at the same time the I am all for the occasional beating from a helmet. I think the fact that Garret got suspended is insane The NFL just profited off a massive fight like this and now they get rid of a player like Garret who is one of the only things the Browns have going for them. Rodger Goodell seems to know how to never make a good decision. Everyone is bound to do something good eventually. Goodell has defied odds and failed at every decision he makes and gets paid like $35 million a year to do it too. This man does not give a shit about the abuse he gets. He is making so much money each year he can do what every he wants and will never loose his job. This one time he need to realize that fighting will help his sport and since he doesn’t seem to care about the safety of others there should be no reason why he opposes this.

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