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We are about to witness the best NFL game of the season tonight

Tonight on Monday Night Football the 49ers are playing the Seahawks. Right now these are two of the best teams in the NFL. The 49ers are 8-0 and the Seahawks are 7-2. A win tonight would be huge for the division race for either of these teams. If the 49ers win they will have a 3 game lead of the Seahawks but if the Seahawks win the lead will be down to 1 game. This game has even greater importance since this could also determine who is going to get a first-round bye. Most likely whoever wins the NFC West is going to get a bye so this game now has a lot riding on it. When I think back to last season there is a Monday night football game in mid-November that stands out to me. The Chiefs played the Rams in what was considered the game of the year last year. I think tonight we are in luck with a similar game. I think the Seahawks are ready for whatever the 49ers defense is going to throw at them. This is going to be a shootout. I think we are going to see Russel Wilson show his MVP level type play but also we will have a new front runner for the MVP after tonight game. I think that this will finally be the game where everything clicks for Garoppolo. The last game for the 49ers against the Cardinals Garoppolo started to show how dominant he can be. The 49ers defense also showed in that game how it can be exploited at times. I think this sets up the perfect scenario for a shootout. In college football people always talk about someone’s Heisman moment. Tonight we are about to see Jimmy G’s MVP moment. 49ers win this game 49-45 with a late touchdown drive from Garoppolo to win the game.

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