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It’s time for the Chargers to wake up

The Chargers are the one team every year that seems to turn it on right around playoff time and squeeze into the playoffs. Unfortunately, though they never do anything in the playoffs when they can get there. This year has been a whole different story. This Chargers team looks horrendous. They constantly play to the same level as the team they are playing but do just enough to lose every time. They are currently sitting at a 2-4 record but it does not tell the full story. Their two wins are a lucky overtime win against the Colts and the other is against the Dolphins which should not count as a win. Besides that, they have lost every other game. They are losing to bad teams like the Broncos and the Titans too. At this point, I can not figure out this football team. One problem is that Phillip Rivers is getting old and his time may soon be up. He is in a similar situation to Matt Ryan who I recently talked about. Both of them are aging quarterbacks that have been very average for a while now but they finally may be dipping below that point. Phillip Rivers is a guy you can’t get rid of he has to leave on his terms. While I think he will want to stay a few more years, that could all change if this year continues to go this poorly. The Charger and mainly Phillip Rivers are known for getting hot in the second half of the season but this year I just can not see that happening. It is weird to have a team that is always good to fall apart this quickly in front of our eyes. There is still a lot of football left this season so I will be focused on these next couple of weeks to see if they can turn it around. But the way they are playing right now they are slowly digging themselves a hole that they might not be able to get out of this time.

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