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What has happened to the Falcons?

Just today I noticed that the Falcons are having a horrible season. I have seen that they keep losing but Atlanta is one of those teams you never pay attention too and they always seem to finish just in or just out of the playoffs. For a while now it has been tough for them since the Panthers and Saints have been at the top of their division. This year though could have been the year for them to take control of the division though. Both Brees and Newton have been out for an extended period and the Buccaneers are the Buccaneers. This leaves the division wide open for the Falcons. Instead, they are having one of their worst seasons. This to me seems like a pretty weak division right now. The Saints are the only playoff team right now and the Panthers are close but both of their quarterbacks are huge question-marks. The Falcons have an established former MVP quarterback in Matt Ryan. While his MVP years are behind him, Matt Ryan has shown that he can still be a starter in the NFL. I can’t fully understand what has gone wrong with this team but it seems that nothing is clicking. Where it begins is with the offensive line. They have constantly failed at doing their job this year. Matt Ryan is getting sacked almost three times a game this year. Also, they have a nonexistent run game. The passing numbers look decent for Matt Ryan but it is only because they are always behind so they have to constantly throw the ball. This is mainly due to the main problem of the team which is the defense. They have forced four turnovers the whole year. They also get no pressure on the opposing quarterbacks which makes things even harder for the defense to get stops. Overall the defense can’t get stops which makes the offense have to play from behind and can not handle playing in a shootout. The main problem I have with this team is that Dan Quinn their head coach is supposed to be a defensive genius yet they have one of the worst denseness in the league. If he can’t get this defense together he provides nothing to the team. If something doesn’t turn around in the next few weeks Dan Quinn might not even be the head coach at the end of this season. I will end this with a video of Ito Smith showing how every Falcons fan has felt watching this team all season.

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