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It’s time for the Cowboys to make a change

A couple of weeks ago I said that I thought the Cowboys were pretending to be good and they were not the team they seemed to be. They started their season against some easy opponents and when the schedule got tough the showed that they could not handle themselves against a good NFL team. Today they took things to another level with their loss to the Jets. Going into today the Jets were 0-4. They looked like a horrible football team and the Cowboys should have easily won this game. Instead, the Cowboys decided to be down 21-6 at half to a winless Jets team. I can not make this clear enough that The Cowboys year after year go 8-8 and beat the 8 easiest teams on their schedule and lose to the other 8 who are good NFL teams. Today they lost to one of those teams they should have easily beat. Sam Darnold did make his return today for the Jets but regardless of that if the Cowboys are as good as people say they are they should have still easily won. I think that there is one obvious problem with this team that the Cowboys have refused to address for a while now. Jason Garrett is a horrible head coach. Nobody in that organization respects the man at all. This clip sums everything up about Jason Garrett as a coach.

The Cowboys players can’t even fake show this man respect at this point. He is an extremely overrated head coach. In 9 seasons before this season, he has taken to the Cowboys to the playoffs three times. On top of that, he is 2-3 in the playoffs in those three appearances too. For a team to be considered America’s team and be so bad in the playoffs it seems to be a joke. The Cowboys have built a very talented roster and yet they can’t beat the Jets. I think it comes down to getting rid of Jason Garrett. The Cowboys head coaching job is a very desired position and they can hire someone a thousand times better than Jason Garrett. For however long Jason Garrett remains as the Cowboys head coach I will have no faith in this team. I am not a Cowboys fan at all but the NFL always seems to be a little more exciting when the Cowboys start to win big games. Last time I gave them a chance to change my mind but they are way past that point now where it is fire Garrett or nothing now.

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