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The Steelers are in a tough situation

The Steelers have put themselves into a tough situation this year. Their starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger got injured and is out for the season. The Steelers did what any team who lost their quarterback would do. They traded their first-round pick for a safety. While I understand they wanted to show they are still all about winning the whole trade is just a mess. The Steelers with Ben Roethlisberger looked like they were missing something this year. The whole team felt off and it seemed that this year was not going to be their year. If they accepted that they should have just played out this season with the guys they had and get a decent draft pick and then get back at it next season. Instead, they gave up their draft pick for Minkah Fitzpatrick. I think that Minkah is a very talented player but he is not going to turn a team like the Steelers around. They had much bigger needs instead of a new safety for their defense. Now they have not gotten much better and they have lost their first-round pick. The Steeler’s core has been either leaving or getting older and year after year they are missing on draft picks. They have been decent in later rounds every once and a while but their last couple first-round picks have been disappointments. Now they could have a chance at a much earlier pick where it is harder to mess up and they throw that chance away. They now have to win or they look like they have messed up. The Steelers and their fans see this team as a playoff or bust team. The Steelers have put all their trust in a backup quarterback to lead this team to the playoffs. It may work but this team has not shown it yet. They have only won one game this season and it was against a very bad Bengals team. They have failed to show that they are anywhere near the playoff team they want to be and now they are struggling. They may have messed up this year. I think at this point they might just have to play out this season and then move on for next year and just take the hit on their first-round pick. If the Steelers are smart they will not fire Mike Tomlin over this. The worst thing they can do is blame this season on Mike Tomlin and then fire him. It might just come down to forgetting this season and move on. It will be interesting to see how this team plays out for the rest of the season since there are a lot of people who could lose their jobs based on their performance.

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