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Are the Cowboys really the team we think they are?

The Dallas Cowboys started the season off 3-0. Their fans were hyping this team-up saying they were a legit football team. After today’s game, I think everyone finally woke up. The Cowboys lost and they did not look good. They did pay a good Saints team but without Drew Brees playing for the Saints the Cowboys should win this game. I don’t understand the argument that Teddy Bridgewater could be a starting quarterback in the NFL so this loss is okay. He is not a starting quarterback on a team and if the Cowboys are legit as people think they are then they should be able to beat him. If you can’t beat this Saints team while they are missing there star quarterback how do you expect to beat them in the playoffs when he is back. The Cowboys won their first three games against three of the worst teams in the NFL. They beat the Giants, Redskins, and Dolphins. All three of those team will most likely be picking in the top 5 of next years draft. This game was meant to show that the Cowboys can beat good teams. This was the best opportunity for them. They got to play a beat-up Saints team and say they can beat a good team and no one could argue that. They did what the Cowboys have been good at for a while now and that is a disappointment. What bugs me the most about this is that I have seen some of their fans saying at least it was close or that they are still 3-1. Neither of those things means anything. There is no close loss stat it is either you win or you lose. Also, their record is pretty much irrelevant since they have only won against bad teams. They have another chance next week to try to show they are a legit team. They play the Packers in Dallas. If they can not beat the Packers next week I don’t think this team can be considered a contender like a lot of people see them as. If you can’t beat the other playoff teams then clearly you don’t belong in the playoffs.

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