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Are the 49ers as good as their record?

As week 4 in the NFL season comes to an end the 49ers are one of three teams in the NFL who remain undefeated. They are the only NFC team too who is undefeated. People have attacked them for having an easy schedule but I think that this team is better than most people thought it was going to be. I am a 49ers fan and the last 5 seasons have been very tough. The 49ers quickly went from the top to the bottom of the NFL. To finally see success for this team give me hope that this team could be building in the right direction. Last year the 49ers had a ton of hype around them until Jimmy Garoppolo got injured and then they fell apart. This year they flew under the radar which was perfect for them. They did not have a ton of pressure on them and Shanahan has put a very good team on the field finally. While they have played 3 okay teams I still think that they should get more credit than they currently are getting. They play the Browns next week on Monday night. If they can win that game I think they can cement their name as a legit NFL team this year. While the Browns have been very up and down this year any win against them will be a good win. The Browns will be coming in with tons of momentum after beating the Ravens but I think the 49ers can handle it. I think this is going to define the season for the 49ers early on. If they can beat a decent Browns team in a primetime game then I think they will go on to do big things.

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