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Why are the Eagles two different teams?

The Eagles somehow found a way to beat the Packers tonight. The Eagles defense was able to stop the Packers twice at the one-yard line. Doing that once is almost impossible but doing it twice is unheard of. The Eagles are now sitting at 2-2 on the year. All their games this year have been close. But at times in all of them, I think wow this team looks horrible. At other times though I think wow this team does look like a super bowl team. It’s difficult to try and figure this team out. Wentz is part of the problem. He has not been the same after all of his injuries. Eagles fans will not accept this and still think he is a top tier quarterback. He is not and I don’t think Wentz will ever be considered a top tier quarterback. The team around him is very good. In their last couple of games, they have had a lot of injuries. Wentz is not going to carry this team so when important pieces are missing from this team a lot will go bad. When Alshon Jeffery was gone it was very obvious. This week he was healthy. He didn’t do much but his presence was felt. That is all that was needed for the Packers to have to put guys on him. No team is going out of their way to double Agholor or Hollins. If the Eagles want to be successful this year it is going to be all about staying healthy. They have so many good players on this team but they can never stay on the field. Wentz can not carry this team so everyone around him needs to start stepping up. Tonight was a really good example of this. Everyone did their part and they got the win. I will be interested to see if they can continue this next week or if they will go back to looking like a horrible team.

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