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Does Melvin Gordon make the Chargers better?

Melvin Gordon has announced that he will be returning to the Chargers this week. People now think that this team is right back into serious playoff contention because of this. I do not see it like that at all. The Chargers have looked bad compared to what their expectations were for the season. One bright spot on their team has been running back Austin Ekeler. He has been very good in both the running game and in the passing game. He is also the top fantasy running back in PPR leagues right now. With Melvin Gordon back the chargers are expected to make him the top guy. They now are getting rid of a good running back for him. Ekeler’s stats have been very good and I don’t know if Gordon can do any better. I think the only reason Gordon is back is for money. He knows the Chargers are not going to resign him to the massive contract he wants. He needs to prove himself this year that he is worth big money. He wasn’t worried until Ekeler showed how good he was. This brought up the question that running backs might have an easier time playing in the Charger’s system. Melvin Gordon was beginning to lose value so the only thing he could do was come back. I think if anything this probably will hurt the Chargers. They already had a great gameplan built around Ekeler and his abilities and now they have to throw that out the window to cater to Melvin Gordon. Overall I think the Chargers will squeeze into the playoffs but by having Melvin Gordon come back it makes that mission just a little bit harder.

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