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Lets not get too excited about Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones just saved all New York Giants fans from giving up on the NFL season for one more week. In all sports, the New York teams always have the most pressure on them to do well. The Giants have been terrible for a couple of years now and every-time they lose a game their fans act as if they have never experienced a loss. This season started horribly for the Giants and the fact that fans didn’t give up on them before the season started is impressive. In the game last weekend Daniel Jones came back from being down 18 and had no Saquan and won the game. They didn’t technically win though since the Buccaneers kicker missed a chip shot and choked the game. But this one time I will give the Giants credit for what they did and let their fans celebrate the win. Usually, I would say you can not celebrate a win like this but it is the Giants and they will not get many wins this year. Daniel Jones does make this team better but still only gives them like 3 or 4 more wins this season. Overall this team still has very little talent and beating a just as bad Buccaneers team doesn’t mean much. I want to see how the team looks in their game against the Redskins next week. The Redskins are a worse team than the Giants but the Redskins play everyone tough so it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. I will be looking for Daniel Jones to show that he can control the game again like he started to do in the game against Tampa. If he can do that then I will begin to believe in the Daniel Jones hype but for now, I am not buying into it.

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