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Is this the end of Cam Newton?

I have been very critical of the Panthers this season. Mostly I have thought that Cam Newton has been disappointing. He missed last weeks game and the Panthers got their first win of the season. They played an okay Cardinals team they probably should have beat, but a win is a win. Their backup quarterback Kyle Allen played pretty impressively. He threw 4 touchdowns and zero picks. This starts to bring up the conversation that maybe it is time to move on from Cam Newton. Kyle Allen might not be the guy for the future but maybe they look at finding that guy in the offseason this year. Cam Newton had his one MVP season in 2015 and ever since then has been getting worse. Ron Rivera could be part of the problem since he has tried to make him into a pass only quarterback, but I do think that Cam’s best years are behind him. So far in his first two games of the season, he had five rushing attempts. For a quarterback that has built his brand around his running ability that is a problem. Again you can point blame towards the coaching staff for this but what an even bigger problem is that he can not throw the ball very well. The Panthers don’t let him run the ball and make hi throw it only. In his two games though he has no touchdowns. It is not the rest of the offense that is the problem though. The Panthers threw in their backup quarterback and he easily had a good game. It just seems that Cam Newton may need a fresh start somewhere else in the league. Ever since Andrew Luck was able to say that his body had enough in the NFL I have always thought that Cam Newton may be in that same category. He has always been injured in some way and he has complained about getting hit for years. With this latest injury and his performance on the field, retirement may be the best option for him. Unfortunately, this may be the case since when at his peak Cam Newton is fun to watch. When a quarterback plays like Cam Newton when you are run first throw second we have yet to see anyone one of those guys play late into their careers. For most of those guys, they burn out once they hit age 30. That is what Cam Newton is at now. It’s tough to say but I don’t think Cam Newton will be the starting quarterback for the Panthers next season.

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