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Browns are about to be officially canceled.

Tonight the Browns lost to the Rams on Sunday night football. I have said before that I did not believe in the Brown’s playoff hype this season. I thought they were a wildly average team with crazy expectations. The Rams are a very good team but the Browns had numerous chance to win the game and blew everyone one of those chances. They just did a bunch of little things that made no sense. The play calling was random and proved Freddie Kitchens is a horrible head coach. They ran a draw play on 4th and long and got stopped and the whole team looked confused on why it didn’t work.

When the fans started booing them after that play call that should mean something. The Browns fans began to think their team was gonna win it all this year and now they are beginning to realize they are the same old Browns team as always. I don’t feel bad for Browns fans because the NFL was becoming boring when they started to win last year. The Browns are not meant to win. People don’t even know football and know the browns are what it means to be bad. The fact the Browns tried to pull a quick one on us is embarrassing. They thought they could get good and win some games. I will give the Browns one more chance though. They play the Ravens next week. If the Browns can beat the Ravens who are a pretty good team this year I won’t completely count them out yet. But if they lose next week they are done for the season. Finally just a quick reminder they play the 49ers in two weeks and that should already be a loss for them so they need to win next week or they will be 1-4. They have no shot at beating the 49ers. The 49ers are doing big things this year and the Browns are not stopping that. Good bye Browns fans for now, I will be back to talk about how the Browns are 1-4 and canceled in two weeks.

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