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I predicted the future!

About a week and a half ago I warned everyone about how the Titans were not good. They beat another bad team in the Browns. People started thinking this was going to be the Titans year. After their last two games, it is easy to say that I was right. They lost in a close game to the Colts which I said the Colts would blow them out. I give them credit cause the Colts are a better team then they are given credit for. But on Thursday night in a primetime game, they got smoked by a horrible Jaguars team. I love Gardener Minshew, but he is not a great quarterback in the NFL yet. He still makes a lot of mistakes and most teams should take advantage of that. That sounds like an easy win for a Titans team built around their defense. But instead, they gave up 20 points. That isn’t a crazy amount of points, but when your offense can barley score a touchdown in the game you going to need a better performance from your defense. I feel bad cause Mariota is part of the problem. But I don’t think the Titans want to get rid of a guy they got with the second pick of the draft. So for Titans fans, you are looking at a miserable season for this year and the foreseeable future if the Titans resign him to big money this offseason. For all the titans fans out there I will leave you with a video of your all-star offense.

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