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Hey Jon Gruden why didn’t you celebrate after the game this week?

Jon Gruden went from acting like he won the super bowl after beating a bad team to quickly finding out what happens why they play a somewhat competent team. The Chiefs felt bad for the Raiders so they let them score a couple times in the first quarter and gave them a lead. Then Mahomes decided that was enough and proceeded to score 28 points on them in the second quarter. Then the Chiefs took a break in the second half and didn’t score and the Raiders still found a way to not score on a team who did not care anymore. I said last week that I could not wait for Mahomes and the Chiefs to beat up on the Raiders. Now that it has happened I know that the large egos of Raiders fans have deflated a bit and now they can realize that their team is a mess. I think they need to step back and remember that Jon Gruden has failed to do one good thing yet for this team. Despite this the whole franchise rallies around the guy like he is a genius. He might be the problem and if this team doesn’t start to make changes soon their will be problems ahead.

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